Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oh what a night...

Last night was Creative You Scrapbooking's First Crop Night since we have moved into our new location. Boy did we have a blast. The night started of with Ramona teaching a 2 page layout class and then we followed with dinner and cropped until midnight. As you can see in the pictures posted there was a tad bit of craziness. That Leslie is a trip! There definitely wasn't a dull moment. Congrats to Elisa for winning Queen of the Crop, You totally rocked! Some how she managed to get more done than any of us the whole night! Thank you Mrs. Mona for being the mama hen, I enjoyed our talks. Ramona, big thanks to you as well for bringing something fun to the table and
the girls can't wait to get their Close To My Heart stuff in! Yvette, you are sillier in more ways than you realize! I can always tell when it is getting close to time to end the night because you start giggling at everything. Stacy, what can I say, BABIES! No really, you are being a better and better scrapper every time we get together and I am proud of you. Welcome Ms. Cindii to the group! Last but not least, we enjoyed all the stories shared Abbey, I look forward to seeing the end product of the picture of your in-laws and thank you for sharing memories of my mom.
I hope everyone had as much fun and I did and thank you for coming and of course I appreciate your shopping as well. I am looking forward to next month!

Have a Happy Sunday!

Yep... That is Yvette crying... Leslie had Yvette crying and me running to the bathroom to keep from peeing on myself... Like I said "OH WHAT A NIGHT"

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