Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What are u doing on 09-09-09 @ 9

WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON 09-09-09 @ 9:00?

I am sitting her2 admiring the new Prima Vintage flowers that arrived today. Yet again I went overboard on the ordering... Does one little Scrapbook Store need 20 different styles of Prima Flowers? I must say YES because these are simply beautiful!

On a non-scrap related topic, My Kennedi got her braces off today! She will be nine in November and she is so Happy that she will not have those braces on for the upcoming holidays! WAY TO GO KENNEDI! On the sweet side, she brought in her favorite doll (which was my first Cabbage Patch 24 years ago) and her Orthodontist is putting braces on it for her. Of course she is thrilled about that.

Have a good night everyone!


  1. I would love to see some more pictures of your store. Please post!

  2. Hi Nicole! I will gladly post some new pictures. That will be the plan for tomorrow. If you would like to receive emails on new products etc. at Creative You please e-mail at and I will add you to our E-mail list.